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About Us

Chandra & RyzeBand was formed in Baltimore ,MD  in 2005.   Since those early days   we have evolved into  the best  regional and national musician's  your can hire.   Our creative unique sound, talents and  performances will leave you satisfied and wanting more!    Chandra & The RyzeBand are steadily becoming  those entertainers that are meeting the demands of today's audiences and there needs, as well as the music world! 

 Group members include:  Chandra (Lead Vocals Percussion

Ollie Wright (Keyboards), Ron Thompson (Guitar), ( Drums,) and  Christopher Rhodes (Bass )

Note: Due to prior engagement our members may change, in any case we are all  gifted, talented, professionals who are able to make your event a success 

Note:   F or more intimate events  Our band can also perform as a smaller unit. And, we are also available to meet the needs of larger events by expanding.  

We offer a flexible array of songs, sound Djay and Scheduling.

For Booking information please Call

Chandra 443-570- 2603

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